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With the growth of urban areas into adjacent open spaces and forested lands, problems presented by wildlife have become increasingly apparent. Many wild animals actually thrive in urban environments, taking up residence in attics and basements, or outside under brush or stacked wood. These unwelcome visitors require professional wildlife removal and control.

The availability of food in urban areas, whether in trash receptacles or gardens, makes these uninvited wildlife guests quite comfortable in their new surroundings. With plentiful food and water, breeding of wildlife rapidly increases, making access to professional, quality wildlife removal a necessity for home and business owners.

All Animal Damage Control LLC will step in and intervene when animal or wildlife issues threaten the safety of your family or employees at your home or business. Our expert staff of professionals provides quality wildlife and animal control solutions throughout the city of Racine, making us the #1 wildlife removal specialists in the region.

In addition to the obvious problems of aggression presented by wildlife, animals can be hosts for many diseases that can injure, and even prove fatal, to you, your fellow employees or your children. Call our professionals for your wildlife removal problems, and let the experts deal with the danger!

Rats and mice in ceilings or crawl spaces, bats in attics and skunks and opossum under floorboards have set up house in your residence or offices because they’ve found an entrance. We not only provide wildlife removal solutions, we also ensure that these entries into your home or business are shut down by covering or closing all points of entry. Potential entrances are eliminated by installing chimney caps, closing holes and screening vents.

Prevention strategies help us make sure that your home or business stays critter free, safe and healthy for you, your family members and employees. Call All Animal Damage Control LLC in Racine, Wisconsin.