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About Us - Humane, Professional Removal

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All Animal Damage Control LLC is committed to providing humane, professional animal and wildlife control and/or removal in the city and county of Racine, Wisconsin and throughout the greater Wisconsin region.

Using time-tested techniques in combination with the newest and most innovative removal methods allows us to offer humane and environmentally sound wildlife and animal removal and management services at affordable rates. Choose us and rest assured that your animal and wildlife removal problems are over!

Our experts receive modern, comprehensive training in animal trapping, removal and control. Whether your problem is small (mice, rats, bats, snakes) or medium (raccoons, opossum), we help you find a humane solution quickly, so that you can get back to the important business of caring for your family, home or business.

When you are faced with an animal or wildlife control or removal issue, there is no one better qualified in the Racine community than All Animal Damage Control LLC. Years of experience and on-the-job know how have made us the first and best choice in animal and wildlife control in Racine, Wisconsin. When faced with an animal or wildlife problem, call us today for the remedy you’ve been seeking to address your animal control problem!